Stackable Washer Dryer Combo

Apartments of the contemporary world are not very spacious, and therefore, any appliance than can do the job while saving some space is always the go to choice of the modern day apartment dweller. Therefore, instead of the traditional side by side washer and dryer, the stackable washer and dryer are gaining more popularity among

Gas Dryer

For many years, the Sun helped us dry our cloths. However, sun drying is not ideal for most apartments people live in today. In addition to the unpredictability of the weather, as well as the lack of space, inability to tend to them in the hours with adequate sunlight has made many city dwellers switch

What is a portable dryer

In todays world, almost everyone uses a washing machine for the weekly laundry. Drying them, however, is still somewhat reliant on hanging them in the sun. In places where sunshine is neither plentiful nor reliable, however, drying has also switched to mechanical means. Tumble dryers are often fitted to all apartments, and residents can use

Portable Washer Dryer

Portable washing machines  In present day number of companies release various types of portable washing machines into the market. Those washers basically based on two types, such as manual (non electric) & Electric. Electric washers more efficient than manual ones and depend on the occasion consumer could able choice better option.  Portable washer types  Manual

Manual Non Electric Portable Washing Machine

Manual Non-Electric Portable Washing Machine Portable washing machine is an equipment which use as a replacement for usual washing machine, when its not fit to purpose basically based on Size, Space and occasion. Portable washing machines and dryers less functional in various ways such as Capacity, RPM, Durability and functions than usual washing machine. Depend

What is a Portable Washing Machine

Portable washing machine Laundry, something all we need for day to day works. But if you live in small apartment, house full with equipment and if you don’t have that much laundry for day portable washing machine is the ideal solution for your washing matter. These united are designed to move anywhere in the house

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