Manual Non Electric Portable Washing Machine


Manual Non-Electric Portable Washing Machine

Portable washing machine is an equipment which use as a replacement for usual washing machine, when its not fit to purpose basically based on Size, Space and occasion. Portable washing machines and dryers less functional in various ways such as Capacity, RPM, Durability and functions than usual washing machine. Depend on the situation people intend to go for a portable washers and dryers rather purchasing permeant washing machine.  

Types of Portable Washing Machines

There are two main types of portable washers such as Electric and non-electric. Based on your requirements you could able to select most suitable washer for your self. When you selecting washing machine consider about the following details and get decision considering those facts,

Non Electric Portable washing machine

This Type of washers comes with a lever which can rotate by hand or pedal which able to spin through pedaling. These machines no need electricity or even batteries. These are less small than electric portable washing machines and also the capacity/ volume of these are less than a usual electric portable washing machine. This could be ideal item for camping/ trips/ outdoor event and for temporary occasions.

Benefits/ advantages of manual non-Electric Portable washing machine
  • ✅ Designed to wash up to 2 kg of laundry (Average)
  • ✅ Around 5-10 minutes’ washer time
  • ✅ Capable of Mobility 
  • ✅ Low Cost (Average of USD $49 – $349)
  • ✅ Reduce your carbon emission.
  • ✅ Zero electricity.
  • ✅ Squeeze in some leg work while helping out the environment.
  • ✅ Handy design 
  • ✅ Low weight around 3-6 kg
  • ✅ Easy to maintain and clean
  • ✅ Less water than usual washer
How to use manual non-electric Portable Washing Machine?
Manual portable washing machine
Drumi Washer
  1. Place your machine stable and well-leveled floor
  2. Unlock the top lid by rotating the handle (various methods depend on the brand)
  3. Load the laundry – do not load too much (follow the unit guidance)
  4. Add adequate water (Recommend warm tap water max 140F-60C)
  5. Add detergent (3-5 ml detergent) 
  6. Close and lock the lid
  7. Washing – Open the air pressure cap and pedal slower (12-20 pedal strokes per minute)
  8. Darning – open the drain plug to release water & close the plug before adding fresh water for rinsing.
  9. Rinsing – add fresh water close and lock the lid, pedal 2-3 minutes (12-20 pedal strokes per minute)
  10. Spin Dry-Cycle – open the drain plug, begin pedaling slowly (press down with one hand on top of the machine and ensure it doesn’t move)
  11. Remove the laundry – open the lid and detergent tray to unload laundry 
  12. Storage – leave top lid open for while so the inside of the machine can dry
Best manual non-electric Portable Washing Machines
Drumi Portable Washing Machine
MyPortaWash Non-Electric Mini Foot Powered Portable Compact Washing Machine
Manual washing machine hand spin washer Japan Model

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