What is a portable dryer

portable dryer

In todays world, almost everyone uses a washing machine for the weekly laundry. Drying them, however, is still somewhat reliant on hanging them in the sun.

In places where sunshine is neither plentiful nor reliable, however, drying has also switched to mechanical means. Tumble dryers are often fitted to all apartments, and residents can use them to do the drying, even when there are drenching rains or snowstorms outside.

About portable dryers

A portable dryer is could be defined as a smaller version of the tumble dryer. Which usually has several hundreds of cubic decimeters of capacity, and are usually fixed in place. Portable dryers use by people who use portable washers for their jobs. Portable dryers could easily fit in even a smaller apartment, and can be used to dry a several days’ stack of washed clothing. They are generally intended to be used for individual use, or perhaps by roommates or a couple.

General specifics

Portable dryers are commonly having a capacity of 1.5 to 3.6 cubic feet. Converted to SI units, this translates to between 40 ñ 100 liters. The smallest versions are able to dry a couple of pants and 3-4 shirts and perhaps a towel at a time, while larger versions can dry most bedding/ blankets, curtains, Clothes and other larger linen, or multiple days of clothing at once.

Designed to fit into a small apartment, they are often around 60-80 cm tall, with similar dimensions for breadth and width. Portable dryers are usually boxy with a flat top, and can be used as a counter top if needed. They have an opening to load cloths, similar to a front loading washing machine. They often have a stainless steel or an aluminum drum, a hose for drainage, and a grounded power cord. 

Options vary, but most models include a moisture sensor, a timer, overload sensor and safety measures to avoid lint ignition. A portable dryer has a rated power level in the range of 800-2500W. They usually cost between $100 to $600 depending on the capacity and the manufacturer. And most models between $200-300 range would be perfectly adequate for most buyers. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantage of Portable Dryers
spin dryer
Spin Dryer

Main advantage of a portable dryer is the ability to dry your cloths easily inside a confined space such as an apartment, numerous times faster than air drying. It does not take a lot of space, and can be used as a countertop or a bedside easily. It’s perfect for those who lack sun drying spaces, or those who despise using public laundries.

  • ✅ Ability to move
  • ✅ Most of those are Stackable
  • ✅ Less energy consumption
  • ✅ Low Price than Usual Dryers
  • ✅ Low Carbon emission
Disadvantage of Portable Dryers

The main disadvantage is that they are often too small for weekly laundry, and needs to use several turns to dry the whole lot. It may heat up sparsely ventilated rooms by couple of degrees when in use. As a common convenience item, it has very little real downsides. Portable dryers can be a necessity or a luxury item depending on your lifestyle, but if you often have no time or space to dry your cloths, perhaps investing in a portable dryer might be a good idea.

  • ✅ Low Capacity
  • ✅ Less efficient
  • ✅ Not for consecutive use
  • ✅ Not for huge clothes and materials (Big Blankets etc)

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