What is a Portable Washing Machine


Portable washing machine

Laundry, something all we need for day to day works. But if you live in small apartment, house full with equipment and if you don’t have that much laundry for day portable washing machine is the ideal solution for your washing matter. These united are designed to move anywhere in the house such storage, closet, kitchen, bathroom anywhere, where you need to use the machine and wash your clothes. However, this unites designed small in size for purpose of mobility, you not able to wash heavy load of clothes at ones.

Average size of portable washing machine :

Portable washing machine size
Avarage Size of Portable Washing Machine

27 x 23 x 14 inch (27 tall, 23 wide and depth of 14 inches).

Average Weight – 28 Pounds (13 kg)

Batteries Required? No

There are few things to consider before you purchase portable wash machine whether its fits into your requirements. You don’t want to lug and awkward heavy washing machine around the house every time when you want to wash cloths. So therefore make special attention on unit volume and weight, also better to include cabinet handle which make it easy to move your washer without hard effort and force. All portable washing machines comes with faucet adapter which allows you to socket it to a bathroom or sink as this is impotent make sure to re-check is this faucet perfectly fit into your bathroom or sink socket.

Before you purchasing portable washing machine keep in mind to consider about these facts too,  

Average cost of portable washing machine,

As fits to your requirements, current market has range of portable washer machines between USD $79 – $499. Just do not consider about the price, go through the unit and refer all the technical specifications before you make purchase.


When you consider about portable washing machine that’s mean you have no space for usual washing machine. So size is one of the most important important fact and you should attention about machine size. As mentioned above average portable washing machine size could be 27 x 23 x 14 inches. You better to decide which size fits your needs. Importantly most of the small size washers have less functions and capacity while selecting the size don’t forget to think about your needs and functions of the washer.

Usage of energy

You can save huge amount of money by selecting well designed washing machine with modern techniques and functions. According to our research we able to clarify it could lead to save $12- 17 per year by selecting proper portable washing machine.


When its comes to design it will effect on you in many ways, not just an outer appearance shape of the unit, size, loading side, RPM, durability and usability. Most of the washing machines and dryers mainly comes with plastic outer case and you better to chose hard cover item as you need to move this unit around the house with wheels if its heavy.

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